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Anemites Worlds

Anemites. Girl . Designer . Photographer. Argentinian. Art lover ♥

I love your work. I find it absolutely stunning especially the different versions I see of the "Lucid Dreams" post! What kind of lens did you use/use mostly for portraits?

Thanks so much!… For my self portraits I use 50mm 1.4D.

But the serie “Lucid Dreams” was scanography!… just some home scanner machine! :)

What inspires you the most?

Somehow everything. I am inspired by so many things…would be difficult to decide just one… maybe music could be the one that awake my creative side. 

But above all I always been inspire by my emotions, and life experiences, and the memories of the deep feelings i carry on inside with me. And of course from of my dreams…(generally I have dreams very deep and full of details and fantasies …for me is like they transport me, to another dimension / world / reality).

And in opposition, I used to get a lot of inspiration very often, usually on nights innsonia … just listening to a lot of music.

I like sometimes listen to a song and match the atmosphere in a photo. I sometimes hear the same theme, in repeat mode.. or disc while I’m doing some project… I think, It carried a state of creative trance, like a circular state… it’s kind of hard to explain.

And of course I’m inspired by films, quotes, games and other artist, like painters, illustrators, sculptors, photographers and animals & nature.

I just wanted to say your art is amazing. I hope you never stop.

Hello!!!!!!!!!! :) thanks so much, really… is so nice to know that !!! i hope that to… i had a lot of ideas on my notebook… i need to find some free time to start with my projects… hope you enjoy my upcoming works!!! Thanks ♥♥♥ 

hug from Argentina!

I really love your world...

Hello!!!!!!!!!! :) thanks so much! really glad to know that! hope you enjoy my upcoming projects! Thanks ♥♥♥